Springbrook Mountain Community

Contributors to this Website

This website was developed mostly by volunteers. It has been a tremendous effort and would not have been possible without the very generous contributions of the following people.

Adam Maund – Graphic Design

A huge ‘thank you’ to Adam Maund for his many magnificent photographs, graphics and visual design. Without his wonderful design skills we would not have been able to produce a website of this quality.





“Living in the Gold Coast hinterland I can be forgiven if my images have a bias toward the Natural World but it’s hard to not love this scenic area of south east Queensland. From frogs, birds and other fauna to babbling streams and lush rainforest I’m always searching for the perfect shot.

This project was a great opportunity to combine both my photographic and graphic design skills successfully and, as a Springbrook resident, the subject matter was close to home.”


Cr Glenn Tozer – City of Gold Coast

A big thank you to Glenn Tozer and the City of Gold Coast for financial support towards this website. In small communities these contributions make a difference.

Tracie Louise – Photographer

Web: www.tracielouise.com
Tracie has provided wonderful photos of Springbrook, particularly the wildlife. Thank you for your support.

About Tracie…

Looking through a camera lens,
the World looks very different to me.
Life takes on a whole new significance.
The impossible becomes Possible,
the ordinary, Extraordinary.

After joining the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, I moved
to Springbrook to pursue my dream of creating stunning wildlife, nature
and landscape images, sharing this unique National Park wilderness with the rest of the world.

My goal is to Inspire, Motivate & Encourage others to follow their own Passion, whatever it may be.

Julius Manly – Photographer

Instagram @juliusmanly

Photo Shoots – The Locals

Thanks to the many locals who gave up their time to participate in our photo shoots. This is a time consuming process and their help is very much appreciated.

Jane Crisp – Wildlife Enthusiast

About the Crisp’s

“Colin and I have been at Springbrook for 22 years now. In that time we have studied and photographed pretty well everything that moves or grows up here. We never cease to be amazed by the diversity of the wildlife and by the privilege of sharing this environment with it. Our book, ‘Springbrook – a Visitor’s Guide’, was our contribution to the centenary celebrations of European settlement in 2006.”

Copies of their book, ‘Springbrook – A Visitors Guide’ is available from the Visitor Centre and various outlets on the mountain.

Gold Coast Tourism

Thank you to Gold Coast Tourism who provided advice on the website. A very valuable contribution was their review of the final draft. As well, they conducted a digital marketing workshop where the right contacts were made. Thank you.

Springbrook Chamber Marketing Committee

This committee coordinated the project and provided guidance on the design and content. The members are: Gail Geronimos, Wayne Randall, Graham Maddison and Anastasia Theodore. The committee pulled this very time consuming project together.

Springbrook Chamber
of Commerce

The role of the Springbrook Chamber of Commerce is to promote the mountain as an eco tourist destination, represent members at all levels of government and to work towards creating a favourable business environment.

Management Committee
President: Wayne Randall
Treasurer: Helen Lee

Contact Details
Address: PO Box 179
Mudgeeraba Qld 4213
Email: info@explorespringbrook.com

commerence-chamberVisitor Center Opening – Glenn Tozer, Anastasia
Theodore and Sandra Kazai. Photo: Gail Geronimos

Springbrook Mountain
Community Association (SMCA)

The Role of SMCA

Since our establishment in 1991, SMCA has been the community organisation whose primary role is to act as a co-ordinating point for the various sectors of the Springbrook Community. We act as an interface between all arms of Government and the community and within the Community.

However, we do and never have claimed to “speak for the Mountain”. We represent only those of our members who attend meetings and who have an input into the organisation.

local-meetingLocal meeting at the Community Hall

Living in Springbrook

Springbrook is a unique place. The World Heritage status for the National Park and so is a delightful place to live. However, it is not an easy place to live in and those who make their lives here, long term, must be dedicated to the place.

The rainfall is one of the highest in the state and this is essential for the rainforest to flourish but it also makes managing the day to day challenges of mould, mildew, seeping damp and just plain flood-water a challenge for about eight months of the year.

We share this beautiful place with wonderful wildlife and we love this but, unfortunately they also want to share of warm dry houses and see us a ready supply of food.

Springbrook is 45 minutes on a fast run, from the nearest facilities, which makes daily life more of a challenge than normal and access to health service, especially in an emergency quite scary. Then there is the road. Windy, mountainous, one ways, drop offs, fallen trees and landslides. It is always a challenge.

But we love it.

So no one lives up here unless they are dedicated to the place and the lifestyle and are environmentally aware to a greater or lesser degree.

the-pademelonThe Pademelon, a cute Springbrook local.

anzacAnzac Cenotaph


There are about 600 residents on the mountain and SMCA has a paid up membership of approximately 50 people plus 5 honorary members. We have public meetings every month, usually with a guest speaker about some topic of interest to mountain people and the average attendance is 20 or so.

Management Committee
Members (2015)

President – Jim Darke (ph. 5533 5001)
Vice President – Ian Bolton (ph. 5533 5270)
Secretary – Barbara Eldred
Treasurer – Annette Robins

SMCA has several sub-committees:

  • Management Committee
  • Anzac Day Committee
  • Cultural & Heritage Committee which oversees the Art Show, Open Garden,
  • Singing Group etc

We also act as a reporting base for the following organisations:

  • Landcare Group
  • Fire Brigade
  • SES
  • Springbrook State School P & C
  • CFS
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Ambulance
  • Springbrook Men’s Shed Inc.

In fact we all share common members and have made financial contributions to them at different times. Some of the activities we oversee regularly are:

  • Management of Springbrook Hall
  • Management of the Rubbish Transfer Station

community-hallCommunity Hall

local-fund-bbqLocal fund-raising BBQ

Some of the projects we have conducted are:

  • Bush Dance
  • Reporting to Main Roads and other Government Departments about the state of Springbrook Road or other safety issues.
  • Input into the GCCC Fire Strategy
  • Input into the GCCC Visioning Plan
  • Application to Queensland Government about an extension to the Great Walk along the plateau
  • Christmas Kids’ party
  • Community Cuppa twice a month
  • Meet the Candidates nights each election
  • Anzac Day March, Service and Lunch
  • Art Show
  • M-Fest Celebrations
  • Australian Open Garden scheme
  • Clean Up Australia
  • Local heritage activities
  • Guest Speakers

In 2006, we had a year long celebration of the Centenary of the arrival of the first European settlers to the Mountain. This involved several concerts, Bush Dance, Art Show, Open Gardens, commemorative dinner and other events.

We actively support many functions and services for the Springbrook State School, Care Flight, the Salvos and other charitable organisations each year as well as emergencies that arise from time to time.

As you can see, the SMCA are at the coal face of the local community, especially those of us involved in the Ambulance, SES and fire brigade.

Springbrook State School

Springbrook State School is positioned in the middle of the Springbrook Mountain plateau, on 3.2 hectares of land near the World Heritage listed Springbrook National Park, only a 30 minute drive from Mudgeeraba. We offer a small school experience to students who thrive best with a personalised education in a nature rich environment within a school with a family atmosphere.

Springbrook State School is a vibrant community school where students learn and grow together, inside and outside the classroom.

Within the classroom we teach students the Australian National Curriculum in two multi-age classes: a Prep-Year 2 class and a Years 3-7 class. Both our classrooms are staffed with a teacher and teacher’s aide at all times and have a one to one ratio of students to wirelessly enabled computers.

Outside of the classroom we have an abundance of sporting equipment which students access at play times in our large, open grounds. We also have a comprehensive Junior Landcare program with curriculum integrated vegetable gardening and cooking and regular participation in conservation and revegetation work.

Springbrook State School – learning and growing together!

Website: www.springbrookss.eq.edu.au
Email for enquiries: the.principal@springbrookss.eq.edu.au
Phone for enquiries: 07 5548 3333
Address: 2327 Springbrook Road, Springbrook Qld 4213

vegieIn the vegie patch

Local News

Each quarter a local paper is produced, Springbrook Voices. It’s a small local paper dedicated to spreading news and local events to residents and visitors.


Clubs and Social Groups

Springbrook residents have formed a number of social clubs:

  • Community Cuppa
  • Mums on the Mountain
  • Food Gardeners
  • Friends of Springbrook Alliance
  • Book Club
  • Tennis Club

Other Organisations

Other organizations serving the Springbrook community are:

  • Springbrook Rural Fire Brigade
  • SES Training
  • Ambulance Service
  • Springbrook Catchment Management Landcare Group
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Springbrook Wildlife Appreciation Group
  • Wildcare
  • Australia Rainforest Conservation Group

Government Representatives

The following are the political representatives for Springbrook Mountain.


Federal Parliament
Scott Buchholz MP, Federal Member for Wright

scottScott Buchholz MP


State Government
Ros Bates MP, State Member for Mudgeeraba

rosRos Bates MP


City of Gold Coast
Glenn Tozer, Councillor, Division 9 – Mudgeeraba and Springbrook

glennGlenn Tozer