The Night Sky


Drive to the Settlement Day Area (Carricks Rd) and take a picnic blanket with you. There is plenty of open space here. There are no lights to dim the magnificent Milky Way. On a cloud free night you will see a wonder world of stars.

winter-nightWinter Night Photo: Adam Maund

springbrook-starsSpringbrook Stars Photo: Adam Maund

Even better, pack a picnic and a bottle of wine. You can picnic by candlelight and enjoy our beautiful southern sky. There are picnic tables and toilets at The Settlement.

The Springbrook Observatory

Really want to see the stars up close. Book a night at our very own observatory and be guided through the night sky by Andre.

Andre is owner, builder and custodian of Springbrook Research Observatory, whose spinning dome structure and two roll off roof observatories attracts thousands of visitors to Springbrook each year.

moonThe Moon From Springbrook Photo: Adam Maund

Photographic images of the southern sky assist northern enthusiasts with their observations. Like many astronomers, Andre’s interest was sparked at school. About 20 years ago Andre saw a video that changed his life. It was about an American priest called Dobsonian who was known as ‘the sidewalk astronomer’.

He would hold star parties and his whole objective was to let kids look through telescopes and if he inspired just one or two in a thousand he was happy. It was a fabulous idea that allowed people to see, feel and be a part of science.

So with a view to doing the same thing, Andre bought his first telescope. First came the four inch, then the eight, followed by an 11 and then, finally, the 14 inch.

Then came computers and the CCD camera. It took five months and five kilometres of jigsaw cutting to build the first dome of Springbrook Observatory.
“Since the beginning of time, human beings have been fascinated by the celestial world.”

We are open May to August and throughout the year for special events. Weather conditions in summer are not ideal for seeing the stars.

Ring to book on the day at 6:00pm. This is to check the weather on Springbrook and for our coordination of tours for the night. For visitors staying at accommodation on the mountain please ring at 6:00pm to check weather and time of tour.

Andre Clayden
Springbrook Research Observatory
Address: 2337 Springbrook Rd, Springbrook Qld 4213
Phone: 0400 789 451

stack-of-sratsA Stack of Stars Photo: Adam Maund