Waterfalls, Walks & More

“In wilderness is the preservation of the world” – Henry David Thoreau 1817 – 1862

Springbrook is a nature lovers paradise set on the Gold Coast hinterland – waterfalls, lookouts, walks, wildlife, rare plants, ancient forests, beautiful birds and much, much more.

Come up to visit us. There is plenty for the whole family to see and do.

Many of the waterfalls, lookouts and strolls are both ’kid’ friendly and easy to access for wheelchairs. You don’t need to be super fit or an avid walker to enjoy the rainforest on Springbrook Mountain.

Mum and Dad can enjoy cool and quiet picnic areas with small creeks and lots for the kids to explore. They can discover the forest for themselves. Enjoy a stroll on well worn tracks that won’t test your endurance. You’ll get to enjoy all the forest has to offer without the strenuous effort.

And for those who love walking…Springbrook will be your wonderland. The Warrie Circuit will take you from the ridges down into the canyon below. You’ll walk to the ‘Meeting of the Waters’ and follow the creeks through the canyon floor before ascending back up to plateau. And there are many more walks to enjoy.

Drive The Springbrook Circuit
The Springbrook Circuit will take you to the most popular spots in Springbrook. It is an excellent introduction to the mountain. From here, you can decide what suits you best. Download the ‘5 Must See Places’ brochure here.